Clinic facilities

Bleaching device: this device is Latex 686 model of Dentamerica Company which is classified as arc plasma devices and is among

the best bleaching devices.

Sterilization device B class : sterilization devices are the most important medical elements in each clinic. In this center, prestige

device B class is used which has the updated world's standards and reduces sterilization time done to 5 minutes.

Apex finder device:

this device measures the length of tooth root during root canal trearment with accuracy of more than 99.7 percent to provide a

complete and sound root treatment.

RVG: is digital radiography system that the amount of radiation emitted from it is less than ninety percent of conventional types.

So that dentist and assistants are present comfortably next to the system and the patient during radiography. This system works

well for pregnant women. In this system digital sensors replace old cellulosic films and instead of time consuming we have a high

resolution with high control power image appears on the monitor screen.

Electro surgery: this device is used for small surgeries and removing extra tissues and uses electric current instead of

usingsurgicalblade for cutting operation. And the important thing is that it is non bleeding during surgery; by this mechanism


which happens simultaneously with cutting operation, vessels and capillaries mouth is closed and prevents from bleeding.

Oral camera:

With the use of this device during examination the patient can observe its dental problems in the monitor in front of him.

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