Implant is a tooth made of pure titanium which is placed into the bone by the dentist to replace the missing teeth and since like


crown implementation, the adjacent teeth are not reduced, it is preferable than making crown. From psychological-emotional aspect


since implant is placed into the bone, the person feels much more confidence and also it will be more efficient while chewing.


Implant treatment phases:


1.placing implant (fixture) in the edentulous area


2.waiting for 3 months until repairing the area (osteointegration).


It should be mentioned that if the bone has a good quality, there is no need to withstand this period (3 months). This means that


after one or two weeks after pulling the sutures out, the crown can be implemented which is called immediate loading.


3. Placing crown by the dentist.


All implant treatment phases and other treatments related to gingival tissue will be conducted by periodontalogist and

implantologist in this clinic.







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