Post surgery cares and tooth extraction

-apply sterile gauze to the area and press for one hour.

-due to long duration of anesthesia do not bite your lip and cheek.

-do not suck and empty your mouth frequently Otherwise, bleeding will be continued.

-wash your mouth from the second day with saline serum (or prescribed solution) after each meal and every 3 hours during waking


-some blood leakage for a few hours is normal.

-in the first day, diet should be soft and the food be chewed with the opponent side for a few days.

-a cold compress (ice pack) after surgery and tooth extraction is very effective in reducing swelling.

-sometimes blood clots that should remain inside the cavity are separated and caused a symptom called dry socket that has a severe

pain, in this case contact clinic.

-smoking is banned for several days.

-do not brush the operated area for a few days.

-if suture is used, visit a week later for suture extraction.

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