root canal therapy

All root treatments are performed by endodontist. For performing root treatments, RVG, Apex finder and Rotary advanced devices

are used.

Apex finder device is a device that specifies the root length with precision of tenths of millimeters to prevent root from shortening

or lengthening. All of us are familiar with defective root canal treatments and one of the devices which reduce such problems is

Apex finder.

RVG is digital radiography system that the amount of radiation emitted from it is less than ninety percent of conventional types. So

that dentist and assistants are present comfortably next to the system and the patient during radiography. This system works well

for pregnant women. In this system digital sensors replace old cellulosic films and instead of time consuming we have a high

resolution with high control power image appears on the monitor screen.

Rotary instruments

By this system we will reach the proper form of canals and with all these facilities we will provide more comfort, speed and quality

for the patients.

Specialized treatments offered in this clinic include the following:

-root canal therapy

-designing and treating root cysts (apical root surgery)

-treating children teeth having immature roots including vital pulp therapy, MTA apical plug, apexification  apexogenesis

-treating root damage by trauma



The right image is a short root length treatment and the left one is a complete root canal therapy using RVG, Rotary an Apex finder systems

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