Gingival surgery

Generally, gingival surgery is divided into four phases:

First Phase

Include scaling, tooth root emergency treatments (root canal therapy), extracting teeth where there is no chance of their survival, and

eventually removing decays or simple repairing.

Second Phase

Including gingival surgery and implant

Third Phase

Including deep repairs and placing a crown

Fourth Phase

Including regular monitoring and follow-up the performed treatment (maintenance phase)

Types of gingival surgery

1. Gingival surgery to remove the infected and sick part of it (flap surgery)




















2.gingival surgery to increase crown length or maintaining teeth that for any reason such as decay or fracture have short crown.

3. Gingival surgery to increase crown length (crown lengthening) in order to beautify anterior teeth.

















4. Gingival grafting surgery (soft tissue graft)

a) connective tissue grafting



b)  free gingival grafting











c ) alloderm soft tissue grafting




5. Bone grafting surgery (guided bone regeneration)




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